Friday, May 21, 2004

Vocabulary: Misused Words

Accept means to receive, except means to leave out. I accept (receive) your offer. Except means to leave out. Everyone went except (leave out) him.

Adapt incorporates the word apt, which means suited to. Adapt means to make suitable. I will adapt (make suitable) to my surroundings. Adopt means to choose or to make one's one selection. The writer adopted the style of Hemingway.

Adverse means opposing and is usually used to describe things or actions. Adverse circumstances. Averse means disinclined and is usually relevant to people. He was averse to my proposal.

Among is used when we are talking of three or more. Between when we are talking about two. You would say between you and me and among the five of us.

Beside means by the side of. He was beside me. Besides means in addition. Besides going to the movie theater, where else do you want to go?

Different from is correct; different than is not.

Farther speaks to distance and further speaks to degree. He drove farther today than yesterday. Let's not speak about this any further.


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