Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The College Essay and Interview

Here are some of the characteristics and value that colleges are said to be looking for in applicants. Supposed you were asked to give an example from your life where you exhibit each of the following characteristics or values. What would you say? Can you think of a story where you were reliable? motivated? industrious? By the way, these are pretty good characteristics and values to keep in mind when you choose friends, a husband or wife, etc.

* Reliability (intellectual and personal integrity, promptness, conscientiousness)

* Motivation (attitude toward learning and achievement)

* Emotional Stability (self-control, judgment, consistency, maturity, dependability)

* Social Values (sensitivity to needs of others)

* Intellectual Curiosity (interest in learning)

* Industry (drive, initiative, work habits, performance)

* Personality (manners, courtesy, tact, poise)

* Leadership (ability to inspire confidence)


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