Thursday, June 03, 2004

Interview Questions

Here are some common questions asked of students in college interviews.

Tell me about your course work?

What is your GPA?

How do you find time to study?

How long have you been in school?

What are your favorite books?

What kinds of extra-curricular activities have you been involved in?

Have you had courses in ____?

What is your proficiency in ___?

Why are you majoring in ____?

What did you learn about yourself in _____ class?

What classes have you enjoyed the most?

Is there any class you have completely disliked? Why?

What was your most difficult class?

How have you changed since you started college?

Is there anything you have been involved in at high school that you are really proud of?

What are your strengths? (or Tell me something about your skills.)

Why would you be an asset to our college?

What is your best quality?

What has been your greatest accomplishment? Your greatest disappointment?

Tell about your leadership skills?

What do you perceive as an area that could use some improvement? (or, What is a quality that is not your best?)

If you start Monday on a self-improvement course, what one area would you like to improve?

Have you ever had a communication- problem with anyone?

How do you handle people who are critical? (or How do you handle rejection?)

Are you a good loser?

Give me a little bit of your background.

What motivates you?

Give me three words that describe you.

What are your interests? (or What types of activities do you like the best?)

How do you think your friends would describe you?

What type of career are you looking for?

Would you describe yourself as motivated more by your goals or by money?


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