Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Place the right word in the blank. Answers at the bottom. Also, at the bottom you will find a pargraph that uses all the words. Study it after you have learned the words.


1. Jack's brother had such an ________ for cars that he subscribes to four automotive magazines!

2. Since Don was such an ________ bore he had few friends and was rarely invited to dinner.

3. Authorities watched the ________ carefully to be sure there would be no violence on the streets.

4. The nurse worried that if Emily continued to live such a ________ life, she would gain a lot more weight.

5. Craig was an astute politician and managed the meeting with great ________.

6. Margaret will ________ with her friends to see when everyone can gather for the picnic.

7. Martha asked the children to lower their ________ voices so she could hear her sister on the telephone.

8. The senator was treated with ________ respect since she had earned admiration from others.

9. The ________ gossip spread rapidly until Jim discovered the truth and stopped the rumors.

10. Matt got a ________ answer to his question about the restaurant's reservation system.

11. Even thought there was just an ________ spot on the window, Grandma saw it and wiped it off.

12. Parents really appreciated the teacher's concern and ________ approach to her teaching and to their children.

1. affinity -- if you have an affinity for something, you like it. You might have an affinity for baseball.

2. insufferable -- if a person is insufferable, he cannot be tolerated. Rembmer "in" means not, so this means not sufferable, not capable of being suffered.

3. dissident

4. sedentary -- if you are sedentary, you don't get up and have an active life; you sit down on the couch a lot.

5. finesse -- if you handle things with finesse, you handle things well, and delicately.

6. confer

7. vociferous -- means loud

8. deferential -- if you are deferential, you defer to someone; sometimes parents say that children should be deferential to their parents.

9. insidiuous -- hurtful, malicious, intended to hurt

10. definitive -- final and factual

11. infinitesmial -- small

12. assiduous -- marked by care and attention

Ken certainly has no AFFINITY towards that INSUFFERABLE DISSIDENT who leads a SEDENTARY life and has absolutely no FINESSE. On the one occasion that they had CONFERRED, the VOCIFEROUS DISSIDENT was not at all DEFERENTIAL and made INSIDUOUS remarks that were cause for concern. While he was DEFINITIVE in all his statements, he had only an INFINITESIMAL knowledge of the facts. Ken, on the other hand, had made an ASSIDUOUS study of all the details! Ken had little respect for anyone so unprepared!


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