Friday, July 02, 2004

Interesting Facts

1. Standard time (24 time zones) was fixed in 1883.

2. The days of the week are named after ancient gods or astrological planets.

Sunday -- Sun's day
Monday day -- Moon's day
Tuesday -- Tiw's day
Wednesday -- Woden's day
Thursday -- Thor's day
Friday -- Frigg's day
Saturday -- Saterne's day

3. China (by government order) operates as one time zone, although geographically it should operate as five time zones.

4. An acre is 43,560 square feet.

5. There was no World Series in baseball in 1904.

6. The first team to win the World Series (in 1903) was the Boston Red Sox.

7. A truck in England is called a lorry.

8. In the US a person stands in a line; in England a person stands in a queue.

9. If you talk to a person you are doing the talking and the other person is listening. if you talk with a person both you and the other person are talking.

10. Toward/Towards. Toward is the word used in the US and towards is the word used in England.


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